Benefits Of Become Member


Cultural Connection :

Excellent opportunity to become part of emerging Gujarati Samaj Community in southwest Region. You will meet Gujarati Professionals, Business Owners, and have enormous Networking opportunities. This is an excellent opportunity to develop a social circle and make new and life long friends. And who knows…you may even find some old Connections too!

Celebrations of Festivals :

Celebrations of Festivals We celebrate festivals with true spirit combined with great food and cultural aspects.


Whole day of fun with kite flying and delicious lunch


One full day of musical events amalgamated with skits & other dance programs.


GSH hires professional Singers/Music Groups to perform melodious Garba/Rass tunes.


We hire professional entertainment group (coming all the way from India), and serve delicious authentic Gujarati food.

Fun packed Picnics :

Great Lunch Dinner, Great Games, DJ Music, Karaoke, Raffle prizes… Everything under shades of Metro Park.

Become a member of the Samaj and get our Darpan magazine, mailed every month. You will get to know the forthcoming events, special drama, and other announcements.

Access to useful information online at Samaj Website – find out about events, apply memberships, buy events tickets, etc. Samaj Site caters members with useful & up-to-date information. Have a business? This will be an excellent opportunity to advertise your products/services in Samaj Events, Publications & Website.Opportunity to become part of Samaj management committees. Help us make Samaj better and better. Samaj needs you!


Volunteering Opportunity :

Want to do some Samaj Seva? We always welcome helping hands! Exposure to other Samaj affiliated organizations like FOGANA, ICC, BAPS, VPSS etc and their events.

… And much more that cannot be listed in words! So why wait? Join the commotion and start enjoying great benefits of OUR Gujarati Samaj!Becoming part of Samaj takes less than 2 minutes of your efforts, so lets get started!

Proof of Membership :

GSH will issue Membership Cards or email confirmations to all paying members. These cards, email confirmation, cancelled, check, or receipts of payments of dues, shall constitute proof of membership. Membership period: Annual membership period shall be from September 1st to August 31st of the following Year. Transfer of Membership: Membership in GSH is not transferable or assignable to other persons. Member may, however, convert the membership to a different class. Review and Alteration of Dues: The Board of Directors may review membership dues from time to time, making any reasonable alterations. Furthermore, the Board of Directors may levy (on a non-recurring basis) any reasonable special dues that are deemed necessary for any emergency expenses faced by the Center. Member Discounts: The GSH Card carrying members (See Section 2 above) will be offered discounted prices for major GSH-sponsored events such as Navratri, Diwali, Makarsankranti, Picnic, Sports Events, etc. In addition, several participating businesses will offer special discounted prices for their goods and service sold to GSH members. GSH Membership is renewed annually. There are no refunds for membership fees and there is no pro-rating of membership dues.